A girl who finally discovered the source of her boyfriend income after two (2) years of friendship narrates her experience for dating a lier who claimed of working in the bank but finally ends up been a waste bin dispatcher according to her,
“My boyfriend, I have dated him for 2 years, he takes care of me, pays my school fees and rent, does everything for me that a normal guy does for a woman but I just realized today that he lied to me, and still lying to me.

My boyfriend told me that he works in the bank, every morning he will dress up on suit and go to work, come back in the evening. Sometimes I want to visit him in his office but he will say he is a contract staff and he is in marketing and hardly stay in the office, I believe him for 2 years of my life. Even when he proposed I accepted, not until yesterday my friend sent me this picture and one of the guys packing dustbin happen to be him, I refused to believe it, I had to zoom the picture, she actually sent me up to 3 but I don’t want to send you that because it reviled his face to avoid embarrassment.

My own boyfriend a dust bin packer, Jesus like he sits on top of dirt and pack it, Jesus and still comes to finger me and touch me. I felt really irritated and disgusted. Is it the same money he uses to take care of me,why did he lie? He is too cute and intelligent for this, I was embarrassed as my friends laughed at me, called me a wife of a dust bin packer.

I cried my eyes out, even when he called, I never asked him anything but I want to end the relationship. Give him back his ring, but my heart is beating” she added

This post was published on September 10, 2019 9:25 am

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