Fri. May 29th, 2020


Humm! Have you spent time to think of the death of a philosopher as against the death of a religionist? Did I say death of a philosopher? Do philosophers die?

As a philosopher, I take things created, and produced by Man to be extension of Man. Plato is creator of the idea ‘philosopher king’. As it now seems that idea will never die. Rawls is the creator of ideas of ‘justice as fairness’ and ‘overlapping consensus’. These ideas will never die.

The point is that philosophers achieve immortality by what they have said, what they do and what they fail to do. Socrates by refusing to go into exile as one of the conditions of the judgment against him offered conveyed an eternal message about the value of laws in society.

The fact of immortality can in one sense be appreciated. The death I have in mind is the end of life, the departure of flesh and body from this physical world.

Can a philosopher’s way of departing from this world produce any form of social catalyst for change? Imagine me dying as a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Ogun worshipper, etc. The world knows what to do with me and my body.

But think about me dying as a free thinking philosopher. What would the world do about me? The world dictates to the dead free thinking philosopher; soul is created for the dead free thinking philosopher, services are held for this created soul, and the image of the dead free thinking philosopher becomes the image of his society’s culture.

Death is one enigma not sufficiently reflected upon.

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