Sun. Oct 20th, 2019


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Former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Peremobowei Ebebi resigns from PDP.

The Former deputy governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Peremobowei Ebebi resigns from PDP, tenders a resignation letter describing the party as a party that lacks respect and regard for internal democracy

The statement which reads

“I write in respect of the above matter and formally use this medium to inform you of the decision to withdraw my membership of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

I have come to this hard decision after experiencing an enduring and excruciating period of a largely fraudulent internal democracy in the state chapter of the PDP.

Disregard and disrespect for the due process as entrenched on the constitution and electoral guidelines, high-handesness and desperation of the party’s leadership.

The fact that my membership of the party is ending does not dimish the great political experience I have enjoyed. It has been absolutely outstanding.

I am most thankful for the opportunity the party gave me to serve the state in various capacities as a two-time speaker of the Bayelsa state house of Assembly and two-time deputy Governor of Bayelsa state which offered me an outstanding political career development and enabled me gain irreplaceable experience in politics.

I wish the people’s Democratic Party great success in the future and wish the best for each and every one member of the party”

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