Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020


It is ineed a challenging times for Gov Siriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, as gale of resignations and defection hits his government a month to the governorship election in the State.

It will be recalled that Gov.Dickson fully exercised his powers of incumbent and imposed Senator Douye Diri as the PDP governorship candidate without recourse to the feelings and mood of the majority of the party members in the State including Dr.Goodluck Jonathan who opted for Chief Timi Alaibe.

Unconfirmed reports had it that,the deputy governor, chief of Staff, SSG and the immediate past speaker of the State Assembly who was compelled to give way for another person two weeks ago are all not happy with the way Gov.Dickinson imposed Douye Diri after giving them the nod to purchase the governorship nomination form and are working for the APC candidate behind the scene.

You could recall that the former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State and a two-time speaker of the State House of Assembly
His excellency Rt.Hon. Ebebi Peremobowei had earlier on the 11th of October, 2019 resigned and withdraw from the membership of peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state giving his reasons that he can’t endure experiencing an excruciating period of a largely fraudulent internal democracy in the state chapter of the party who disregard and disrespect for the due process as entrenched in the partys constitution and electoral guidelines, high-handesness and desperation of the party’s leadership.

Barely few days after his resignation, over ten (10) persons has tendered their resignation letters to the governor, Governor Dickson seriake.

  • BARR. BENJAMIN S. OGBARA, director, Ethics and compliance, Due process Bureau.
  • OMBU NAPOLEON ESQ. Senior special assistant on community development to Deputy Governor.
  • HON. BERRY NEGERESE, A serving Commissioner
  • HON. STEPHEN DIVER, senior special advice to the Governor on political matters
  • CHIEF TIMIPA TIWEI ORUNIMIGHE. Senior special advicer to the governor on conflicts resolution in oil and gas producing communities
  • HON. ALANENE WILLIAMS, former Commissioner and the special advicer to the governor, Governors office
  • HIGHT CHIEF EVARADA DON ABEDNEGO, Special advicer to the Governor on urban security
  • MARKSON FEFEGHA, Honourable Commissioner for mineral Resources
  • CHIEF NATUS ZEBAKAME, Special advicer to the Governor on culture
  • SIR (HON.) GODSPOWER AKE, Special advicer to the Governor on Agriculture
  • CLEVER LAWRENCE EBEDE, Special advicer to the Governor on ICT Development.

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