Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

NDDC: The Devils in the Niger Delta

Mr. Godwin Omene, was the first MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan was initiated and developed by GTZ and this provided a very comprehensive plan of how the region can be developed across various sectors, little did we know that It will be uprooted and thrown away and a looting spree will be initiated

How does the NDDC make money?

Two major sources

(a) from the Federal Government, the equivalent of 15 percent of the total monthly statutory allocations due to member States of the Commission from the Federation Account; this being the contribution of the, Federal Government to the Commission

(b) 3 percent of the total annual budget of any oil producing company operating, on shore and off shore, in the Niger-Delta Area; including gas processing companies.

This is where the blood money is, Imagine

Shell,Total,Agip,NLNG, etc paying 3% of its total annual Budget to the NDDC?


From the Ministry of Finance: Budgetary Allocation to NDDC, Naira in Billion

2004: 14.00
2005: 28.80
2006: 26.13
2007: 24.00
2008: 40.57
2009: 27.13
2010: 46.49
2011: 55.08
2012: 48.67
2013: 61.35
2014: 61.94
2015: 46.72
2016: 41.05
2017: 64.02
2018: 81.88
2019: 100.19
2020: 80.88

N769bn uptill 2019 (2004-2019), Yet to find 2000-2004.

Ibe Kachukwu said Over $40b was paid from 2006-2016 to the NDDC and states in the Niger Delta region for it’s 13% deriavative.

However If you add the contributions from the Oil companies to the NDDC, You will have trillions of Naira yet We have over 12,000 abandoned projects that requires 3 trillion Naira to complete without a peculiar signature project.

One consultant makes N1b monthly just to collect these monies from these Oil companies meanwhile NDDC has an account with CBN that These companies can pay into directly.

Another company collect 3%of the total sum generated by the consultant before the money is paid to NDDC

NDDC has been in existence for over 19 years yet It still pays rent of over 200m every yearly as Rent with possibility of an increase next year. It is yet to complete its own office at eastern by pass in Port Harcourt, Big NDDC na still Tenant.

The Senate is currently investigating How N2.5b was budgeted for water hycainth project and The commission ended up spending N65b

One Man had over 50 of these projects to himself

In another instance, Over 56 register companies have been traced to one man with 313 contracts to allocated and awarded to him with 120 fully paid for and He has not mobilized to any of the sites.

Over the years, NDDC has proven that It is an ATM machine without pin

Another example

a. N3.39 billion was awarded to a company for Sandfilling and Shore protection of Ogu Town ended up costing N8.133 billion, a whopping 230% increment.

b. Construction of Isielu-Okaigbene Idungboko road awarded for N2.35 billion ended up at N3.73 billion, increased by 160%. Construction of (the same) Isielu-Okaigbene Idungboko road was to another company again for N585 million and ended up at N3.67 billion, an increase of 620%.

c. Construction of Ikot Ukap Ndiya internal roads in Nsit Ubium LGA awarded for N1.2 billion ended up at N2.86 billion, an increase of 235%.

These are just the few out of thousands and That is why we have many abandoned projects and owed contractors. The money that should execute projects were inflated into others we can not continue to feed a few and starve many go to Creeks where the Oil is situated and you will weep

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