Fri. May 29th, 2020

How Nigeria Police Tortured A Port Harcourt Based MC at Igwuruta, Rivers State

A port Harcourt based comedian in RIvers state has cried out for help over the unlawful detention and treatment he got from the Nigerian police officers for falling to give them 100 Naira on the road

“Yesterday 14 November 2019 a brother of mine Charles Wigwe picked me up from my house, we had agreed to go for a site inspection.

On our way going we met some police men attached to Igwuruta police division, alone the Omunwei, Omuechem shell road, the had one of the OPERATION STING VAN, we exchange pleasantries with them, the didn’t stop us or ask us of anything.

On our way back, about fifteen minutes later after the site inspection, one of the police officers stop us and asked us to park the motorcycle( the popular onye’buruebu bike), we did as he has said.

After about ten minutes he hadn’t said a word to us as regards to why he stopped us, he was just busy doing his extortion business with the commercial tricycle drivers (keke) and Okada men.

We walked up to him to know the reason why he hasn’t said a word to us, and he ask us to give him money.
I told him we just went to inspect a site and we hadn’t our wallet with us,and he replied saying… Since you people don’t know what to do go and bring the papers of the motorcycle he also said that the plate number of the bike is inappropriate.

When I saw that my plea and conversation with him is not being productive, I left him and crossed to the other side of the road.
I decided to call a police officer who is friendly to me, he explained that he’s no longer at Igwuruta police division, he then ask me if I know the name of the officer, I told him that I didn’t but after brief description he said that he knows him, and he asked that I should give the phone to the police man who has detained me.

I approached the officer while I was still on the phone, I said to him, please sir… A colleague of yours is on the phone and he wants to talk to you. Immediately what I got was a blow on my face, I got another, and another, consecutively he punched me four times on my face.
I shouted at him asking him what I have done wrong to deserve this kind of beating, little did I know that his colleagues was sneaking up on me and he sprayed teargas directly into my eyes. I cried out for help and the other two joined and the started hitting me with sticks, battens and guns.
I fell on the ground helpless and they continued beating me, the drag me on the road, they tour my clothes and I was messed up.

After over twenty minutes of feasting on me Charles WIGWE who has been begging and trying to intervene ran to call for help.

When my mum came and saw how I was been beaten up she cried out and fell on me, the one if the officers sprayed the teargas directly into my mother’s eyes.
When they saw that people are beginning to ask questions and cluster around the scene, they decided to throw me into their fan and drove me to their station.

To summarize the story, now I have a dislocated ankle, bruises all over me, head ache, neck, chest and waist pain.

I need your opinion on this… Should I let go?
Or should I sue the police for this.

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