Sat. Jan 25th, 2020


Ibaa community in Emohua local government Area of Rivers State has be confirmed as the first community to undergo an underground water Remediation project in the history of Nigeria and West African at large.

Underground water remediation is a process of cleansing the environment of oil beneath the surface of the earth after several spill has occurred in the area specially when the water within the environment has been contaminated.

In 2016, it was gathered and reported by the residence of Ibaa community when they have gone to get water from the well, a local means of obtaining water from the ground with the use of a bucket and rope when it was discovered of some oil particles been found in the water and was reported to the management of Shell Petroleum Development Company with the help of the company’s Contact man in the community Chief Hon. Fubara Ohaka.

In 2017, a special team from the company in charge of Remediation visited the area to Acertain and see the level of damage and volume of oil in the ground water. 2018 and earlier 2019 respectively, preminary test has been carried out.

According to the manager, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Engineer Pankyes when he visited the project site on the 4th December, 2019 commended the efforts of the Managing Director, DE-FUBI TECH NIG. LTD. who is the company’s contact man in making sure this project comes to reality after several reports has been received.

In his statement, he said “this community should be grateful for having a man like HON FUBURA OHAKA Who had taken up the challenge in making sure that this community is been cleansed of oil underground, Commended him for the huge sacrifices made in making sure the project comes to reality after several report had been made since 2016″

He further charged the community leaders, youths and elders to support him, Hon. Fubara Ohaka and other team members in making sure the success is been archived.

He also pleaded with them to utilize the opportunity in making sure they acquire different Skills that could give them a better opportunity tomorrow in the oil and gas sector while he also advised the youths to stop forthwith in punching the oil pipelines causing oil spillage which happens to be the main reason responsible for the contamination of the water.

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