The Niger Delta LightHouse, a socio political group in Niger Delta region has called for a comprehensive forensic audit of all the past administrations of the Niger Delta Development Commission. The group warned that any attempt to engage in selected audit will make a mockery of the genuine intentions of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement issued by the coordinator of the group, Prince Abrakassa Kio and the Secretary, Mr Peter Imeh, they said:

”The commission was set up by former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2000 as an intervention agency with the sole mission of speeding up development in the oil rich but degraded Niger Delta region.

The first managing director of NDDC was Chief Timi Alaibe from Bayelsa State. As the protem MD of the commission, he did the best within his powers to lay a solid foundation for the takeoff of the commission. Several others persons have emerged as managing director of the commission between Alaibe’s administration up until the current administration.

Because of alleged acts of corruption in NDDC, President Muhamadu Buhari appointed an Interim management board led by Dr Joi Nuneh, and part of the directive is to conduct a forensic audit of the past administrations of the commission beginning from year 2000 till date.

Immediately after the official inauguration of the Interim management board by the Minister of Niger Delta affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, the board commenced the process of recruiting international experts on forensic audit.

When petitions of corruption in NDDC was sent to President Muhammadu Buhari, as a dogged fighter of corruption, he did the needful by setting up a board to take a critical and wholistic look at the reported cases of corruption.

The statement also said that it is therefore very amusing and laughable that some faceless groups and pretentious individuals will want to unleash their long held vengeance on selected persons who had led the commission because they were not allowed to have their way at the time. Because a particular administration did not approve their fraudulent request at the time, they are now riding on the genuine intentions of President Buhari to display their vengeance and treachery.

If President Muhamadu Buhari who has the power to hire and fire has directed on a wholistic audit of the past management of NDDC beginning from year 200 till date, it will be an effort in folly for a group to attempt to redirect ongoing activities in the commission.

The call for the presidency or the Interim Management board to single out a particular administration for a special audit is childish and sends out a remark of ignorance and vendetta on the side of the faceless petitioners.

May we use this medium to call on the members of the public to ignore these voices of confusion and frustration, who are bent on sabotaging the good intentions of President Muhamadu Buhari as it relates to NDDC.

We also encourage the current Interim Management board to be focused and committed to its mandate of auditing all the past administration of NDDC beginning from year 2000 till date as directed by President Buhari.

The group in their stament finally warned that any selected audit will sabotage the process and render the whole exercise useless.

This post was published on January 25, 2020 8:22 am

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