Wed. Jul 8th, 2020


Property worth of billion Naira raised down in Rumuekini following court order over an illegal possession of land.

I feel pain seeing tears Rolling down from the eyes of able men who has suffered to build a structure of all kinds but were raise down within a minute due to the elder’s and chief’s nonchalant attitude towards there tenants that bought land from them.

According to a notice of court been served on the 4th of April, 2017 with over 150 pages as made available to Area talk report with the SUIT NO. PHC/944/2017 Between Edwin Ogbonda, Livinus Dick, Davidson Benson, John Emenike, Rufus Isreal, Clement Anele as Claimants all in Alakahia community And unknown occupants Defendants.

destroyed building

In the originating summons for possession, the Claimants who claim declaration and injunction against the defendants, that they are the owner occupiers and persons entitled to rights of occupancy over and in respect of all that land known as and called NKPOKPO ALI, within the vast OHIA-ARUMA situated in Aluu community, which is part of the subject of the judgment of the high court of justice Rivers State in suit No. PHC/1032/2013, which judgment is still subsisting, part of the subject matter of which is now trespassed into by unknown persons and for which the claimants seek the Determination to know If the defendants are liable as trespassers by reason of their entering upon the claimants lands to erect structures and carry on other acts adverse to the claimant rights of ownership without the claimants consent.

destroyed building

But it will interest you to know that this very land has been sold out by the elder’s, Chiefs, sons and daughters of Rumuekini to strangers but have refused to Appear in court since till date leading to the other of Court to the claimants to excavate every structure been erected on the land.

In an interview with one of the tenants/occupant Mr Alex of the said land who stated that “Ever since we were been served with this notice from court, we have tried to call and meet with the chiefs and elders of the community to beg them in joining them to court but of no avail not until last week Wednesday when we saw them with excavating machine to remove and pull down every erected structures on the land.

Another occupants identified as Mene who said he is in pain to have come back from work and see his sweat and everything he has laboured for in life down beyond recognition.

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