Wed. Jul 8th, 2020


A report of Coronavirus has been said to have been found in port Harcourt at the federal university of port Harcourt teaching hospital according to Dr Alasia who disclosed this.

Meanwhile we had a suspected case of corona virus that presented to the A/E this evening, the patient had a recent travel history from Houston on the 22nd of February. He fell ill while in lagos on the 28th b4 he now decided to come to ph and was seen at prime medical consultant. He actually walked into the A/E requesting to see a doctor.

He was asked to take a card. There were multiple other presentations about the time, hence his waiting inside the consulting room for about 30mins. During the period the guy that brought him now showed the nurse a referral letter from prime with provisional diagnosis of corvid 19. The patient was asked to leave the A/e and infectious unit protocol was activated.

His temperature at presentation was 40.1c, ofcourse the nurses refused to even measure or come near him. I had to collect latex our usual way, then ofcourse no face mask to do some clarking.

Dr Alasia Express surprised that prime could send the patient to upth, though they agree not to..cause the corvid unit is not ready. I wonder why the prime doctor will do such with all the numerous awareness on corvid handling and why we weren’t informed that such a patient is headed this way

Eventually on the instruction of Alasia I had to send the patient home for self isolation or quarantine, while he promised that the public health department will visit him at home tomorrow.

I just had to share this incident,
We are at a very great risk in this department, let’s always be careful as we dont really have any standard way of knowing what patient are presenting with. Let us not be counted as statistic, if anything happens, the hospital will continue to run without a blink.

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